Los Mendoza Compilation at Building 43

Check out this great videoSongs:

Usame//Use Me

Happy Birthday

Chain of Fools

I Like it Like That



Puerto Rico

Thank You

La Gata Bajo La Lluvia and Suavecito

Los Mendoza y Friends at the & Mile House on January 12th, 2019!

The Friends

Trumpet/Vocals: Ken Landreth

Sax/Flute/Vocals: Mario Vega

Keyboard: Tony Stead

Bass/Vocals: Andre Botello

Percussion/Bongos: Renee Valdiolivar

Percussion/Congas: Mike Ramirez

The Mendoza's

Percussion/Drums: Nick Mendoza

Guitar/Vocals: Jose Mendoza

Lead Vocals/Hand Percussion: Julie Mendoza

Momager(Dance Manager): Rosie Mendoza

Los Mendoza @ Building 43

Here's a short clip of Israel "Izzy" Tanenbaum soloing with Los Mendoza y Friends on 6/15

I Like It Like That

Clip of I Like It Like That. 

Original Pete Rodriguez version with a Cardi B Spin on it.

Chain of Fools

playing a classic at a private event 2/19/2018

La Negra Tomasa

Turning it up at the 7 Mile House!

February 2, 2018

Cumbia del Sol

Check out this clip of Cumbia del Sol!